Message from the CEO: We are all created equal, and our passions inspire our individuality, our dreams, and our goals. The contributions from our talents should be gifts we share, give back and inspire others to dream. No one is an island; we are all one team that thrives on community achievements.

The Services We Offer

Entrepreneur Program

Studies of youth participating in entrepreneurial programs reveal that they have an increase in occupational aspirations, interest in college, reading, and leadership behavior because of their participation. In fact, one study showed that six months after completing an entrepreneurial program, 70% of participants were in college, 63% had jobs, one in three ran a small business, and they had four times more sense of ownership in their lives. Youth Entrepreneurship Education in America: A Policymaker’s Action Guide, 2009. The goal of our organization, Equality Dream Team, is to provide an entrepreneurial education in order to increase African American secondary and post-secondary graduation rates and help African American youths find sustainable career and job opportunities.

Today more than 90% of employers identify entrepreneurial skills as important, and 1 and 3 employers seek entrepreneurial experience in hirers.  Inherent in an innovative economy -non- cognitive skills - the ability to be creative, adaptable, and entrepreneurial, are a great advantage. 50% of the workforce will be independent or freelance within a decade students need the ability to create their own careers  

  2019 MBO Partners Future of Work Report 2019.   


The curriculum content is built on EDT survey’s given and received from African American corporate leaders and, entrepreneurs, educators, teachers, parents and students from underserved communities, doctors, school counselors, skilled workers and a variety of curriculum course entrepreneurs and companies. EDT curriculum is also inspired by CEO Christopher Augmon that has worked 23 years as corporate executive and current entrepreneur since 2006.   

EDT's entrepreneur mindset curriculum is formatted with True and False, Multiple choice, fill in the blank and rubrics grading guidelines to make easy to grade and easy for candidates/students to comprehend.


1. Promote

Collaboration with other successful, non-for-profit organizations, that have existing education, mentoring and programs capabilities. Work with Fortune 500 corporations, small-medium size companies and skilled labor companies providing opportunity youth qualified introductions, internships helping them land an above livable wage job.   

2. Provide

Provide entrepreneurship education and curriculum, based on a business plan concepts, mission, vision, strength, weaknesses, brand development, self-esteem, wellness, problem solving, team building, networking, finances, sales, persistence, business platforms, corporate business and skilled labor introductions, internships, and hands-on networking and work-related business opportunities.

Equality Dream Team’s goal is to provide resources to overlooked African American youth in Chicago to increase their career-development skills by utilizing entrepreneurship concepts.  Program facilitators and mentors will help amplify the goals of each student. Students will participate in team building labs, and introductions to corporate business, skilled labor companies for the possibility of jobs and career opportunities. The participating youth range from 12 to 24 years of age and nearly all of them reside on Chicago’s South and West sides. This is a scalable business model that can work throughout the United States.

3. Support

EDT offers program participants a comprehensive environment suited to provide the best results for everyone. Key program points are: 

• EDT entrepreneurship “mindset” Curriculum teaching problem solving, utilizing critical thinking and non-cognitive concepts skills that teach perseverance, patience, dealing with rejection, dealing with competition, networking, wellness, financial acumen, understanding their strengths, soft skills, mission, core values, interview skills, dress for success, and so much more. 

• Assistance with College Applications 

• Academic and Career development 

• Mentoring and Coaching 

• Resume and Brand Development 

• Corporate or skilled labor Internship initiatives 

• College graduation assistance 

• Career and job assistance for employment 

• Career Mentoring candidates after employment for promotional development

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