Message from the CEO: We are all created equal, and our passions inspire our individuality, our dreams, and our goals. The contributions from our talents should be gifts we share, give back and inspire others to dream. No one is an island; we are all one team that thrives on community achievements.

How We Measure Results

Results focused Services

We will measure the outcome of these services for students, to present to grantors, charities, and other foundations by developing customized metrics set before we render each service.

 EDT will access the needs of each student and provide a measurable plan to achieve the goal of all students. We aim to provide transparency of measure-ability and
data to our funders and supporters.

Each manage expectations of the services rendered. Metrics and data will include and not limited to:

1. Develop and promote comprehensive initiatives.

Equality Dream Team will conduct a needs analysis to understand previous analytics of each student to determine the best outcome.

We will provide questionnaires to each individual student prior to the start of each campaign to valuate existing knowledge of entrepreneurship understanding and education and will implement a curriculum based on the evaluation. We will also provide education on networking skills and facilitate introductions to corporate, skilled labor, and other business opportunities.

2. Provide entrepreneurship education and curriculum, business platforms, business leader introductions, internships, and hands-on networking and work-related business opportunities.

3. Outcome

Fifty percent of participants received help with resumes and almost 50% received career introductions. Another common service benefitting a third of participants was internship referrals.

Progress and eventual outcomes of participants who received the support detailed above is shown in the chart to the right.  

Eight of the participants have now graduated college.  Of those 8, 7 have been placed in a job, six of those are career growth jobs with salaries in the high 5 or 6 digits. This is remarkable for new employees.  Another college graduate, without an initial job, was referred to a tech sales training

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